Metal print

Limited edition of 5

Built on an image I captured in a large building atrium and which I redrew to give it an entirely different look. The major form in the piece is definitely related to the gothic window. However, I was interested in the depth of the form, not just its outline shape. It is architectural and surreal at the same time, definitely a "post modern" way of seeing space in a work of art. The gleam of the metal that dances across the print as light changes also adds to the ambiguous sense of the surreal architectural space. Lovely.

26 inches by 36 inches

Printed directly on a specially treated aluminum substrate and ready to hang. I will wrap it securely and ship it to you by the carrier of your choice. 

$525.00 plus shipping

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22 x 30 inches
Unframed Lightjet Print with rich warm colors capturing the unique qualities of the famous beach front community near Los Angeles. No wonder people come here from all over the world to see it. Hand painted with a Wacom tablet and carefully toned to capture the subtle but rich colors of sun, sea and beach at a special time of day.
$300 +tax+ shipping, handling
(includes insurance)
I will provide estimate
once I have your address.